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WELCOME to Harar Mesob
Ethiopian Restaurant
Crystal City’s Finest Dining Experience,

Harar Mesob brings the taste of Ethiopia’s delicious cuisine
to restaurant row on South 23rd Street in Crystal City,  
Arlington  Virgina 22202

Harar Mesob is designed to provide the ultimate dining

Our unique traditional tables, the
Mesob, brings the family
atmosphere that everybody can enjoy.

The Mesob is made out of tall dried grass. The grass is dyed
with vibrant colors to bring personality to each mesob.
These traditional tables are hand woven and are designed to
last for a long time.  The mesob comes in various different
sizes and shapes serving for many purposes.

The city of Harar is located in the Eastern part of Ethiopia.
The city is one of the most diverse regions in the country.
The people are friendly and will welcome everyone; they are
known to be the most beautiful people in the world. The city
is populated by both the Muslims and the Christians living in
harmony. Our historical five gates have brought people from
all walks of life.

Step into our restaurant and experience Harar Mesob at its
finest, from our food, service, and friendly atmosphere.

Wine and Dine with us…..Ethiopian Style!!

PLEASE CALL 703-553-5500